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Radien Announcement
Posted by Josh Jamison on 08 September 2017 10:59 AM
Due to an unfortunate series of events, it has become necessary to shut down the MLM portion of Radien
effective immediately. Understand that this decision does not come easily, as significant efforts and
resources have been utilized to get this project to a self-sustaining critical mass. Regrettably, it is neither
possible nor feasible to invest additional financial resources into the MLM project.

What next? 

Over the next 30 days, we are evaluating the feasibility of a referral opportunity that will be available to
those who are active Brand Partners. 

What about the amazing products?

Until we execute a partner/affiliate program, we are making the Radien product line available at, simply follow the link and select Order Now.
Products will be offered at the lowest price point available to Brand Partners. (retail minus -

All Former Brand Partners will have access to a temporary promo code to order product at an
additional 25% discount.

When you select Order Now you will be prompted for a Promo Code, please input bp25. The
code bp25 will work through the month of September. The code is case sensitive, please use
lowercase letters.

How will I learn about the future opportunity? 

If you would like to make sure you are one of the first to hear about future opportunities? Click

If you do not wish to be contacted by us in the future? Click here.

We want to offer our most sincere apologies to anyone who has participated with the MLM portion of
Radien. We are focused on the future and moving forward, even though it has been an up and down
journey; we do have hope and we are excited about what the future holds.

Please know that we value your time and participation as we together have sought to bring Radien to full
launch status. It is never the intent to start something and not see the fullness of success we all had
hoped for with the MLM. Although we have had to make adjustments from our original vision we will
continue to offer the amazing Radien product line.

We hope that you will be blessed and successful in your future endeavors.

Remember, for orders go to select Order Now, and don’t forget to add September’s
Promo Code bp25 (case sensitive).

If you have any questions go to and submit your question there.

Radien Corporate