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Comp Plan Q&A
Posted by Josh Jamison on 06 February 2017 05:48 PM

Comp Plan Introduction Webinar Replay

Comp Plan Questions and Answers


Q1. Look at slide 9 of the presentation It shows $125 for double fast start bonus for the women’s pack and skin repair pack. I think there may be an error............should be $100? 

   A1. Good catch! It has been corrected and will be updated in further slide presentations.

Q2. Someone needs to define "Business Pack" 

   A2. These packs are being defined, that being said the Business pack will be directed at "builders." These packs will include numerous products from our entire product line.

Q3. It's unclear to me as BP can I purchase multiple packs to expand my business. There is a very unclear statement made at the 33:20-minute mark of the presentation. Does that imply that you can but you won't be paid any bonus?

   A3. There will only be one purchase allowed, therefore there will not be a chance at missing a bonus.

Q4. Can I purchase a women pack, a skin repair pack and a business pack? Also, how does that apply to my personal volume?

   A4. One pack per signup. First 30 Days. Fast Start Packs only count toward personal volume in the month they are purchased.

Q5. I Think there needs to be a clear definition of the terms Personal Volume and Group Volume. 

   A5. See Compensation Terminology - Personal Volume; The amount of personally sold CV required to receive commissions at your Rank. “Personal Volume” includes both personal purchases and your sales to Retail Customers. Group Volume; Includes CV from Retail Customer sales, Brand Partner product purchases and Fast Start Pack sales. No more than 60% of this volume can come from a personally sponsored BPs organization. While Fast Start Pack sales are included in Group Volume for promotion purposes there is no Unilevel commission paid on these sales. 

Q6. I would strongly suggest that some model examples be put together showing actual figures. Such as a BP that has 3 other BPs in their pipe. Then another with say 6 BPs. Something simple that people can relate to and understand. Not just dreamland but something people can relate to and say I can fund our annual vacation doing this or I can pick up $300 or $400 dollars a month.

   A6. Good point, agreed. That was shown for the coded bonus but not the unilevel. More examples will be demonstrated going forward.

Q7. When does the comp plan take effect? 

   A7. March 1. February will pay under the current system on March 15th.

Q8. Being a founder are we put in at the RBP level?

   A8. We are in the process of determining what old ranks will translate to the new ranks. Being a "Founder" will have its benefits.

Q9. What product is in the different packages?

   A9. The following list is subject to change.

Women's Starter Pack

1 ea - Women's Day Cream
1 ea - Women's Eye Cream
1 ea - Women's Night Cream
1 ea - Women's Day Travel
1 ea - Women's Eye Travel
1 ea - Women's Night Travel
1 ea - Dejavu
1 ea - Cleanser
1 ea - Toner

Men's Starter Pack

1 ea - Men's QXP
1 ea - Skin Repair Spray Serum
2 ea - Skin Repair Cream
5 ea - Travel Size Men's QXP

Skin Repair Starter Pack

7 ea - Travel Size Repair
1 ea - Skin Repair Spray Serum
1 ea - Skin Repair Cream

Business Builders Pack

2 ea - Travel Size -- Women's Day
2 ea - Travel Size -- Women's Night Cream Normal
2 ea - Travel Size -- Women's Night Cream Dry
2 ea - Travel Size -- Women's Eye Cream
2 ea - Travel Size -- Men QXP
2 ea - Travel Size -- Dejavu
2 ea - Travel Size -- Skin Repair
1 ea - Women's Day Cream
1 ea - Women's Eye Cream
1 ea - Women's Night Cream -- Normal
1 ea - Women's Night Cream -- Dry
1 ea - Skin Repair
1 ea - Skin Repair Spray Serum
1 ea - Men's QXP
1 ea - Pore Reducer
1 ea - Dejavu
1 ea - Cleanser
1 ea - Toner

Q10. Where can I find what makes up a Woman’s Pack, Skin Repair Pack, and Business Pack?

   A10. See Q9

Q11. As an existing BP can I purchase a skin repair and or business pack?

   A11. TBD

Q12. I already have 3 BPs, how do you transition me into new plan?

   A12. If your current rank is at least Premier, you will be at least a Regional Brand Partner in the new plan. Consideration for higher ranks will be determined by rank and volume. Brand Partner's who have produced significant volume will receive the highest consideration.

Q13. What about BPs who didn't purchase a sample pack when they signed up, can they now purchase?

   A13. TBD... We may allow this. If so, we will announce.

Q14. Is there two limits on ACO, 50 and 100 dollars? 

   A14. $50 in personal CV is the amount required for a Brand Partner to earn compensation. Senior Brand Partners and above must have $100 in personal CV to receive overrides.

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