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RadiénIx™ DéJàVu™ FAQ
Posted by Josh Jamison on 26 July 2016 08:43 AM

Q. How long do the results from the application of the DéJàVu product last?

A. The results of the DéJàVu product will last for 5 to 7 hours.

Q. How  long would you need to use DéJàVu for a lasting effect?

A. The lasting effect will take about 6 months. We recommend using our other skincare products to accelerate these results.

Q. Does DéJàVu help with puffiness under the eye?

A. DéJàVu will plump up the thinner layer of skin, and it is also effective for getting rid of puffiness.

Q. Is DéJàVu effective for men?

A. The DéJàVu product is effective for both men and women.

Q. Does DéJàVu address the 'turkey neck problem" and  sagging of the jowls and under the neck?

A. DéJàVu is not made for sagging under the neck.

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Darlene DeMoss
25 September 2016 05:43 PM
I have found it helps with the laugh lines on each side of the mouth. They don't totally disappear but there is a difference.
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