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Compensation Terminology
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Compensation Definitions and Terminology

Congratulations on your decision to become a RadienLife™ Brand Partner (BP). Our goal is to help make

financial freedom a reality for you and your family.


Getting Started

As a RadienLife™ Brand Partner, you will be selling the Radien Ix™ products to individuals, and you will

be building a team of BPs to enable you to leverage the efforts of others while also helping them achieve

financial freedom.


Your Brand Partnership includes an online Back Office that includes communications, tools, and report

that you need to manage a successful home/web based business.


As a new BP, you will earn commissions on your personal retail sales of our products and, when

qualified, earn commissions on the sales of other BP’s in your organization...


We have created a unique compensation plan that provides five ways to earn commissions.

  1. The first is Retail Profits when you sell a Product to a Retail Customer.
  2. The second is a “Fast Start & Infinity Coded Bonus” which occurs when you sell a Women's, Men's, Skin Repair or Business Pack to any new BP.
  3. The third is the Coded Bonus that begins with your fourth personally sold Fast Start Pack and is paid through Infinity as described below.
  4. The fourth is Unilevel Commissions, which is paid based on 5% of the Commission Volume on up to 7 levels based on Rank achievement.
  5. The fifth is a VP Override for those who achieve a Rank of Vice President.

Commission Volume (“CV”) Each product has a commission volume for purposes of calculating the Unilevel, Group Volume and VP Overrides. All products except Travel Size and Samples have a CV of 75% of the retail price.  Travel size products have a CV of 50% of the retail price. Samples are in development, but will not have a CV?

Commissions (Weekly vs. Monthly) – All Fast Start and Coded Bonuses are paid weekly on the Wednesday following the week of sale. All other commissions, which include Retail Profits, Unilevel, Group Volume, VP and GVP Overrides are paid monthly on the 15th day of the following month.





Retail Customer – Anyone purchasing a Radien Product who is not a Brand Partner.


Retail Customer Purchase Price – Radien automatically provides the Retail Price in your store for purposes of selling Products to a Retail Customer.  If the Retail Customer purchases Product using an Automatic Convenience Order (ACO), the customer will receive a 10% discount on those purchases.


Retail Profit – If the Retail Customer purchases Product from a BP, through the Radien online Business Portal, you earn a 25% profit on each customer order.  If the Retail Customer purchases Product from a BP using an ACO, you earn a 15% profit on each customer order. 


All Retail Profits are paid monthly, by the 15th day of the month following the sale.


Unilevel Commissions on Retail Profits: In addition to Retail Profits, the Commission Volume (CV) of each sale is included in your Unilevel, Group Volume, VP and GVP Override calculation.  CV is calculated based on 75% of the suggested retail price on all products except Travel size which are 50%. 


Automatic Convenience Order (“ACO”) –  Voluntary monthly recurring shipment of a product on the basis of a standing order supported by an automatic payment against a credit card on file.





Brand Partner (BP) –Term for a person who pays the $49.95 annual fee to become a sales representative for Radien.  BPs earn compensation on retail sales and may also build a team of BPs from whom they can earn Fast Start Bonuses, Coded Bonuses, Unilevel Commissions VP and GVP Overrides. A BP is not required to purchase any of Radien’s products to qualify for compensation.


Brand Partner Purchase Price:

  • Brand Partners may purchase products for 75% of Retail Price if purchased on ACO
  • Brand Partners may purchase products (non-ACO) for 85% of Retail Price.


Retail Customer Requirement – In order to qualify for Unilevel compensation all BPs must meet the retail customer requirement associated with their Rank. To qualify as one of your personal Customers the order must be at least 50 CV. BPs with less than the required number of customers will be paid at the Rank equal to the number of personal customers who made a qualifying purchase during the month.


Personal Fast Start Pack Sales – The cumulative number of personally sold Fast Start Packs required for Rank promotion. Your personal purchase, while not required, will be counted toward this requirement


Personal Volume – The amount of personally sold CV required to receive commissions at your Rank. “Personal Volume” includes both personal purchases and your sales to Retail Customers.


Group Volume – Includes CV from Retail Customer sales, Brand Partner product purchases and Fast Start Pack sales. No more than 60% of this volume can come from a personally sponsored BPs organization. While Fast Start Pack sales are included in Group Volume for promotion purposes there is no Unilevel commission paid on these sales. 


Rank – Title associated with performance level attained in the Radien Compensation Plan. Promotions are made on the first day of each month based on meeting the requirements in the previous calendar month. Monthly Commissions, paid on the 15th of the month following promotion, will be paid at the higher rank on the previous month's volume.





Fast Start Packs – The Women’s Pack, Men’s Pack, Skin Repair Pack and Business Pack can only be purchased once by a BP within 30 days of signing up. If a Pack was not purchased during initial signup, BPs will need to email customer service for assistance.


Fast Start Bonus – Brand Partners are paid weekly on all personally sold Fast Start Packs.  

  • $50 is paid to the selling BP for $199 Fast Start Pack sales (Women’s, Men’s and Skin Repair)
  • $125 is paid to the selling BP for a Business Pack sale ($499)


Infinity Coded Bonus – This bonus begins with the fourth (4th) personally sold Fast Start Pack.  This bonus is paid in addition the Fast Start Bonus paid on personal sales and includes the first 3 sales of all BPs personally sponsored after your third personal Fast Start Pack sale.  

  • $50 for any $199 Fast Start Pack sale (a total of $100 for personal sales)
  • $125 is paid on all Business Pack sales (a total of $250 for personal sales)


The Coded Bonus is paid through infinity. Take a look at how quickly this can grow. In addition to earning the Coded Bonus on first 3 sales of a newly sponsored BP, you are also paid the bonus on their first 3 sales (up to 9 total) and their first 3 sales (up to 27 total) and their first 3 sales (up to 81 total), and so on through infinity. You can earn this bonus on an unlimited number of personally sponsored BPs. Please see comp plan document for illustration of this lucrative bonus.


Fast Start Rank Advancement – If you purchase any of the $199 Fast Start Packs, you immediately become qualified for Senior BP Rank for the first 3 months. The purchase of a $499 Business Pack qualifies a BP for Regional BP for their first 6 months. This allows you to be compensated at the higher rank while earning your promotion. During the Rank Advancement period, BPs can qualify for higher ranks by meeting the promotion qualifications associated with that rank. If a BP does not qualify for the Fast Start Rank with the required GV during this Rank Advancement period, they will be paid at their then current attained rank.


Fast Start Commissions (Weekly) – “Fast Start” commission is paid on the sale of the Women’s, Men’s, Skin Repair and Business Packs on the Wednesday following the earning week.





Unilevel Commissions – Earn 5% of the Commission Volume on up to 7 levels based on Rank achievement and meeting the Retail Customer Requirement associated with that Rank. All purchases, whether made by Retail Customers or Brand Partners, are included in this compensation.  While Fast Start Pack sales are included in Group Volume for promotion purposes there is no Unilevel commission paid on these sales. 


Override on Gross Volume (GV) – Those achieving the Rank of Vice President and above qualify for this override on their entire group. At least 10% of GV must be from outside their 2 largest legs with a maximum of 60% coming from their largest leg.



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